Important RP Info!

Hello and welcome back to the TIP blog. It's been a number of months since we last posted which we appologise for!

Today we will be showing you a cool site to get free rp codes. You may have seen this posted elsewhere, or warnings from Riot Games regarding such sites - we've kept it under wraps for quite a few months to ensure it's safe, as we value the community surrounding TIP more than a quick hack which could jeopardize your accounts. We understand how much dedication you put into an account, and in some cases money for custom skins.

We are big supporters of Riot, but decided against sharing this with them because of the position our community has put us in. So without any more delays, lets get into it.

You can find the site you need at - once the site loads you need to input your summoner name and the region associated with your account. No other information is needed, then click the continue button.

Let the site do it's thing and eventually you will come to a dialog box which reads "success" and a bunch of other text. Once you see this screen you will have successfully have the Riot Points.

How cool is that? No login or secret information is needed, just a quick form submission and a 10 second wait.

Stay tuned for our next blog posts and merch drops!

-Team Impulse

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