Welcome to the New Team Impulse Website

As Team Impulse continues to grow as an organization, we wanted to be able to deliver to you the most concise one stop shop to meet all of your TiP needs. Learn about the team, the players, catch some streams, snag a hoodie—you name it. To often do websites provide far too much to their fans, without ever giving reason. Every game on our schedule is linked to the VOD of the cast, or in the case of unplayed games it is linked to the live stream. We wanted to ensure that the experience of our website was a fast and easy to use hub that cuts away the fluff, and delivers exactly what you're looking for. Thus, we present the new Team Impulse website. Click around for a while and be sure to stay tuned for more expansions of the site as we grow. Feel free to leave any feedback for us in the comments section on how you'd like the site, team, or organization to grow, or just stop in and say hello.

Our objectives for the new website was to make a user friendly and convenient experience for all of our fans. We felt our old website design was too dated, and made for a poor user experience. We would appreciate any feedback from you guys, as we do this all for you! We have also linked each of our Streamcast profiles, as well as our Twitter profiles in order for you to interact with us better. One of our goals of the site redesign was to interact with our audience better, because we only see a select few of you at events and meet-and-greets.

You can also check out the Team Impulse lineup for each event, as well as potential champions (this is subject to change due to strategy changes). This is so you can look for your favourite TIP player during the stream, as well as looking at strengths and weaknesses of each team. Not every team does this just yet, but we hope to be pioneers in this change! We also hope you will join us when we steam both competitively and for leisure, this will be announced on our Twitters as well as main Facebook page (which you can find on our homepage). If there's anything else you need to get in contact with us about, you can send us an email on the bottom right hand side of our website.

Thanks for visiting, and we'll see you on the rift!

Team Impulse Walkthrough

2015 Roster Announcement

As the old saying goes, if you’re not first, you’re last. With that in mind, we wanted to be the first to share with you, our loyal and incredible fans, the full Team Impulse lineup.

Xiaoweixiao Apology Statement

In the last few days, our mid laner XiaoWeiXiao has recently come under accusations of ELO boosting. The situation has since been under investigation by Riot Games. During this time, XiaoWeiXiao has been suspended.